P O Box 184, Crivitz, Wisconsin. 54114

n.e.w. Turning Pointe Farm

n.e.w. Turning Pointe Farm


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Featured Veggies

Burgundy Okra

New Turning pointe farm burgundy okra organic no till fresh produce from Wisconsin

A fan favorite and edible blossoms to boot!! Red Burgundy okra was developed by Leo Robbins at Clemson University after 8 years of work. It is not considered a hybrid and came about through old fashioned breeding. He introduced in this stunning variety in 1983, and it won an AAS award in 1988. Originally, okra comes from northern Africa, where it still grows wild. This unusual member of the hibiscus family still has an important part in African and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as being a culinary tradition in the American South. 


Cucamelon organic no till family farm in Wisconsin offering seeds, fresh produce, transplants

Look what’s coming to the farm!!!! 👀 

1” in size with watermelon markings that taste like pickles at maturity. 

Giant Speckled Pole Beans

Family farm heirloom varieties organic no till Wisconsin grown fresh produce

Everybody loves our beans! Now you can have Christmas in July. These beautiful hugs beans  are a total crowd pleaser with their natural, extra buttery goodness. 

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Organic, low till, 20 acre market-garden specializing in unique varieties, education, and foraging.

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n.e.w. Turning Pointe Farm

P O Box 184 Crivitz, Wi 54114

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